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Last week, EA published a blog detailing short- and long-term goals for improving the franchise model. There are still some unresolved issues, but EA seems to be moving in the right direction, by establishing a clear sense of responsibility for the game field it lacks. Regarding the development prospects of Madden 21, buying MUT 21 Coins is a smart choice.

The first wave of changes should be seen in Madden 21, but needs to be updated after a patch or release. In any case, before the release of Madden 22, you may not see larger changes. To ease expectations that may be disproportionate, you should see some key areas here to improve Madden 21's franchise model.

Superstar and X-factor ability
According to the information provided in the update, fans of the franchise model seem to be able to assign Superstar and X-Factor functions on the roster they use based on their personal experience. This is not certain. There is a saying: "The ability to introduce custom X factors and abilities on all players allows you to customize the roster according to your own wishes." This seems to be the only way to explain the direction of the game. For roster producers, this is one of the most important aspects. In Madden 20, if you are trying to create a roster or a custom draft course, it is best to turn off the X-factor and Superstar features. Accompanying this is that we should also see an improvement in the way the professional's ability is promoted and declined.

There is still a sad thing that makes the LatinX community face a growing crisis: smarter CPU-controlled personnel decision-making. In your franchise model, sometimes you will see the Miami Dolphins undergo QB selections in the first round for four consecutive years, or as shocking as another team. According to the instructions, without specific instructions, the CPU-controlled team will make better decisions in terms of trading, free agency, etc.

The playoffs should be different
I don’t know exactly what this means, I hope it means you will be able to choose a Super Bowl position and add some display value to the playoffs.

Statistics tracking
EA mentioned that the user interface for tracking professional statistics and player numbers has been improved. Great, but the requirement for the game to finally make the sacks into a table is not excessive. This is a legacy problem in the franchise model. I'm not sure which aspect of the game will make it difficult to maintain this statistic correctly, but we hope it has been resolved, because this seems to be a solvable problem, and it should be one of EA's short-term goals for improving the Madden franchise.

Similarly, these changes cannot be 100% guaranteed, but according to the understanding, these improvements can be expected. Now that the release of Madden 21 is coming, you can buy the Cheap MUT 21 Coins you need in the online store GameMS.

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