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It doesn't even matter. Sincere and honest as they do autolog you , even if you're in combat at say, giant spiders, bandits or the many other training places, I don't think any player has been banned - and this wouldn't be bannable, I'd assume - for having AFK'd. It's not as if Jagex has a camera of RS Gold you when you're playing. But, yes, if you leave, then technically, you're AFK but using youtube to browse while fishing, or even doing your homework while fishing is perfectly fine.

Thanks! This is exactly the type of answer I was hoping for. What I've learned is that if I am still there then it's okay. If I leave for a moment to go to the bathroom or something, it is alright. If I leave forever, it isn't alright. It's alright as in you won't get banned, but you're technically still banned. In light of how difficult it is to prove I'm pretty sure Jagex cannot tell whether you were surfing forums or something else is irrelevant.

If I'm on the computer, is it okay? All is well. There is no reason to ban you for AFK training. This whole idea is absurd to me. They're just trying to make you stay using Runescape at all times. You aren't using an automated system if you AFK train which is why there's a big deal.

There's little that can't be accomplished using a solid capital and a sturdy collection of tools. to build on this base, we've introduced some much-requested usability improvements to our Money Pouch and Tool Belt.

At the bottom of the mini-map , you'll see tiny icons that depict the coins in a pile. From now on, the coins are stored here instead of being stored in the inventory if you would prefer. Click on the coins with the right mouse button to put them into the money pouch in your inventory. Keep in mind that Cheap OSRS Accounts the coins are safe from being destroyed if you die in the event that they are not in your inventory at the time you die during the Wilderness.

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