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In September, POE players celebrate the 10th anniversary of POE. Australian game developer GGG was not only a success but also a turning point in the history of APRG game development. Players can see the photos displayed by the developers on social media or official POE forums. The meaning of these photos is to allow players to relive the wonderful moments of the past. The featured financial system in the game covers POE Currency and POE Orbs, which are the two most needed items for players.

It may confuse many players that some of these photos are that they have never seen them. The developer may leave it during internal testing. But there will definitely be some nostalgia that makes veteran players reappear, first, on the login screen, for those who try this hitherto unknown studio free title this will not disappear. In the next few years, POE achieved nothing but increased its popularity and made it live longer than well-known competitors such as Diablo III and Torchlight 2.

In fact, the increasing popularity of POE is also conducive to more people joining the game to create profits for the game team. After the release of the latest Harvest League, POE’s ranking on Steam soared all the way to become the most popular game for a while. Now many players have adapted to the rhythm of the game in the new league and have gone deep into Harvest to gain a deeper gaming experience. Since the POE game team added the latest patches to the game some time ago, all aspects of the game have improvements.

GGG made a suggestion to the player. They said players shouldn’t upset because they didn’t make it in a brief time. Players can look back on the distance they have progressed since entering the game and feel at ease. As we all know, September is the month of the next release of the league. With the 10th anniversary of POE, the new league will surprise players in September. Players must Buy POE Currency and POE Exalted Orb for preparing by visiting a store or online vendor.

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