The 4 days that followed were holiday days from Alexis's blog

It's a he. He even showed it to me.. So its not a lie. It's also 88cb at OSRS gold present (same like my).. If he made it before there was even a lvl88 CB this is proof that i cud do it easily. He'll bring me along when he is online for the first time.. I'd definitely train str to about 75-80. and maybe my def up to 70 in the future. Training isn't exactly easy, mainly cuz i get around 2hrs a day online...

The best way to go is to kill 300 chickens a day and then bury their carcasses over 30 years in order to obtain maximum combat strength and maxed pray. But I don't want to wait until i'm in my late 40s before I can go to bandos. I get 3hrs up to 6 hours of RST on holidays (except on sundays, where i am granted 2 and half hours online.) But , I don't get them often as even saturdays are working the majority of my time.

The 4 days that followed were holiday days when I received 4hrs, 3hrs, 2.5hrs and 6hrs respectively. A total of 15 and a half hrs online. The first day was just playing to have fun, and powertrained the last 3 days on Slayer. I moved from 65 to 70 atk, and from 25 , to 45, slayer.

Did this friend perhaps say what combat level she was when she earned all this money? This is a common answer to all 3... It's an He. He told me about it.. This isn't a lie. It's also 88cb at present (same to myself).. If he could have done it before he had even turned lvl88 CB that's just proof that you can do it easily.

I'll accompany him nxt time he gets online.. I'd definitely train str to around 75-80. And maybe even my Def to 70 in the future. Training isn't always easy mostly because I'm spending roughly 2 hours of online time per day. Its like my best option is to slaughter 300 chickens a day and then place their bones in the ground for 30 years to gain maximum combat and maxed prayer. I don't want to delay until I am in my late 40s to get bandos...

I can get 3 hours to 6 hours of rs time during holidays (except the sundays, in which i receive 2 and a half hrs online..) But I do not often get these as saturdays are working days for me. The past four days were holidays and I was able to get 4hrs, 3hrs 2.5hrs and buy runescape 3 gold 6 hours respectively. In total, 15 and a half hrs online..

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By Alexis
Added Feb 11 '22



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