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You get since you're a possible customer and anybody representing Madden 21 coins to the public can't tell the facts to you, these answers. Your requests are not likely to result in a meaningful increase in sales and therefore aren't worth the cost. EA really bungled the transition, although it is actually a shame that franchise got stripped when the 360/PS3 started. Its broken in madden 19 and 20 because they port over Madden NFL 21 from years its nearly just a roster update. They had Madden 18 items in 19 and 19 in 20 and did not bother changing the visuals as it was still saying Madden 19/20.

I watched a movie posted by Eric Rayweather; yes, that irritating ass dude, that spoke about the way the developers would have to produce each and every aspect of the PS3 era aspects again because of them using a different"cloud" to store things on. Like they need, he explained that the devs want to implement this material, but do not have the time. It is a good movie but it shows how shitty of a company EA is.I'm tired of excuses. It has been an whole generation that is console, and franchise will be the same. Not one meaningful change.I feel your own pain. But it made sense as to why items were not added back. That's a ton of coding they would need to redo. The bright side is that they won't ever have to re-code anything that they have already placed in.

So somebody with more knowledge please correct me if I'm wrong I honestly do not know. I would think a great deal of the Franchise style improvements should be somewhat straightforward. It is not gameplay anything or images or cartoons. Fixing the injury frequency and the transaction system are examples I'm talking about. Or incorporating a much better training carousel.Give me chemistry involving players, asst coaches with different traits, provide me positional ratings(a LT cant play with C, a OLB cant only readily change to MLB. Some can that's great.

I like that idea. MVP Baseball used to do if they are not in their main position, that so your buy Madden 21 coins bplayers would require a hit. I've ever been interested in possibly not having OVR. Features so it's more about picking players off of how they fit the scheme based. Is not harm frequency? You can adjust that if you do not think that it's right. Trade systems are tough to balance. So much goes into a commerce choice irl, and there is so much disagreement and variance concerning whether there was a trade worth it. It is simply not feasible to make an AI that will always behave reasonably without getting so stingy that the participant could not get an advantage. Doesn't make their present weighting great, it isn't, but figuring out how the ideal balance is incredibly difficult, and there is a risk of making it even worse, therefore why they have not touched it in a meaningful manner in years.

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By Kin Gang
Added Jul 23 '20



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