A player from Animal Crossing demonstrates how to upgrade the starting villager homes from Hulda Onions's blog

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players discovered a method for restoring villagers' homes to their original designs, which they used to complete their mission. Having this feature has been something that fans have been wishing for since the game's release. The recently-released updates to Animal Crossing have introduced a slew of new, highly-requested features to the game, many of which are still being discovered and utilized by the community.

In Animal Crossing, players can interact with a large number of villager characters, all of whom can be permanently relocated to one of the game's islands of their choosing. Instead of the usual method of acquiring villagers, such as mystery island hopping or campsite visits, new players will be greeted by a random selection of villagers when they first log into the game. The starter characters' homes are simple in comparison to the villagers who will appear later, and they do not have the elaborate interiors that are usually associated with them. Animal Crossing players have expressed dissatisfaction with the current situation, stating that they want the full experience from their animal friends, including their fully-decorated and personalized homes, in order to be satisfied.

Buy Animal Crossing Bells, Whatsmylifeanyway, has shared a method for players to quickly and easily restore the interiors of villagers' homes to their original state, which appears to be a recently-introduced feature in the game. Using Reddit, the user describes how going to Resident Services and complaining to Isabelle about a villager's behavior results in a new home appearance option, which they discovered by accident.

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