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After serious improvement by the game team, players can experience a new Harvest League with great balance. Many players have entered the new league for a month. They reflect that in the early stages of the new league, it would be difficult to carry out follow-up work without the help of POE Currency. Many players still don’t know how to use the new league’s mechanisms and functions to get a novel game experience that makes them feel like they are playing an ordinary league.

Because many high-value crafts only produced by a few players. It leads to an imbalance in the game's experience, which seriously affects the joyful mood and experience of the players. In response to the existing problems in the game, the POE game team GGG has pushed players to balance patches containing many improvements. Now many problems in the game that previously caused trouble to players have been improved. The game is back to the thriving scene.

What makes many players unhappy is that they often cannot collect high-level seeds in high-level maps. It stands to reason that the higher the level of the player, the better the quality of the seeds collected on the map, but this is not the case. Now players can find in the 16th level map that the number of seeds dropped by this layer will be double. Finally, the more players can plant, the more they can harvest. The drop rate of secondary seeds will also increase. Although the chances of players getting higher-level seeds have not increased, they can use large-scale planting of second-level seed sources to harvest higher-level seeds. It all enjoys the improvements brought by the patch.

Hard-working players now need not collect seeds and gain vitality to improve equipment. They only need to maintain their perfect planting system to always harvest rare materials and enormous vitality. Players can also sell excess materials to players who need materials for POE Currency. In this way, they no longer need to Buy POE Trade Currency at shops. Fully experience the charm of Harvest!

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