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For your weapon I would opt for OSRS gold a whip and/or a Dragon Scimitar. Monkey Madness is needed for the Dragon Scimmy and it does take a while but it's certainly worth it to train for strength. Whip, for instance, is excellent for attack as well as defence.

Dragon Defender is good (once you get it). Also for a great set of gloves I recommend doing RFD to purchase Dragon/Barrows gloves. Heck even Mithril gloves are great. To get them , you'll have to follow the Recipe for Disaster, and I certainly recommend doing that to the highest you can...

I'm asking myself the identical question. Slayer, in my opinion, isn't much better than it used to be (just checked out what happened to the whips). Camping at abby demons for 75-125+ kills only for an 900k-1.5mil drop? A 3mil drop is a different story.

In the first place, with NMZ you can purchase imbuables. A player can imbue every fremennik and wilderness ring to boost their stats by two times. Masks in black and Slayer helmets can be upgraded with 50 percent damage and accuracy increases in range and magic also. Finally, it is possible add crystals to items so that they retain their maximum attack speed.

There's also a specific herb box available to purchase with points. Each box contains different herbs, and will cost 9500 points. There are up to 15 boxes that can be bought per day and each one contains herbs worth about 10k gold. This amounts to cheap RS gold a total 150k gold each day.

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