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H01N2-D Welding CABLE

Product Certification: VDE
Basic Parameters
Rated Voltag: 100V
Rated The Working Temperature: 60℃
Executive Standard: VDE 0282-6
Conductor Structure
Conductor Material: Bare Stranded Copper
Jacket Material: CPE
Product Properties
The long-term allowable working temperature of the welding handle cable should not exceed 65℃.   
The motor leads and wiring cables are frequently moved, twisted and cast, requiring flexibility and good bending performance.   
It is easy to be scratched and rubbed by sharp steel components during the deployment, so the cable insulation is required to have good mechanical properties such as tear resistance and wear resistance.   
The use of complex environmental conditions, such as sunlight, water boiling, contact with muddy water, engine oil, acid and alkali liquids, etc., requires a certain degree of weather resistance, oil resistance, and solvent resistance.   
Sometimes hot welded parts are encountered, requiring good heat deformation resistance.   
Frequent movement requires small outer diameter and light weight.
For use between the welding generator and the hand-electrode and the workpiece. For use in the automobile industry, in shipbuilding, in transport and conveyor systems, tool making machinery, welding robots etc. They are suitable for use in dry and damp conditions. Outdoor use for a limited period.

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