great detail about the watermark gear score system in New World from Maxwell Dick's blog

With the introduction of the Winter Convergence Festival, New World is introducing its first holiday update, which will bring a drastic change in weather to some parts of Aeternum, including snowfall and the appearance of the Northern Lights. During this event, new enemies will appear in the form of Ice Caves that will appear across the map. Winter Villages can also be found in and around territories, where you can turn in quests in exchange for holiday gifts. The addition of new territory quests to complete ensures that even non-festive players will have plenty of reasons to participate.

This isn't the only new feature included in the upcoming patch, either. The endgame will undergo significant changes, including the addition of new points of interest that will present tougher challenges and the possibility of better loot.

In addition, the name of High Water Mark has been changed. This is now referred to as Expertise, and you can keep track of it from the inventory tab. The addition of a new resource, Gypsum, for the endgame will be a welcome addition. Gypsum can be earned through daily quests, and it can be used to forge weapons, armor, and trinkets, all of which will benefit from an Expertise buff.

This month's changes were first implemented on the Public Test Realm (PTR), and they are now being implemented in the live game. The Winter Convergence Festival is scheduled to run from December 16 to January 11, 2022, with the latest update to be released on December 16. You can read the complete set of official patch notes by clicking here. In the same way that Trees of Light are found in each Winter Village, a Bountiful Gift Sack can be claimed for 125 reputation per day, for a total of 500 reputation per day, in each Winter Village. Because the Tree of Light is a part of towns and has Tiers, new NW for sale has some of its own unique Town Board Missions to carry out. Often, these are just simple collectibles that aren't any different from the rest of them. There are, however, a few tasks that are unique, such as the creation of stone ornaments or iron tree hooks.

You will receive a small reward of Coin, Town Rep, and XP for completing each of these tasks regardless of which one you choose to complete. You will also gain 5 Reputation with the Event Vendor as a result of this. These are also relatively simple to stockpile for because they frequently request the same items over and over again. They'll frequently request Stone Ornaments (which are made from Stone Blocks), Iron Tree Hooks (which are made from Iron Ingots), Timber, Stone Bricks, or Linen, among other things. The whole point of these is to dress up the tree and make it more festive.

The majority of the major adversaries in these quests will be Yetis, though they will be far less friendly than our Winter Wanderer companion. We'll go over the progression of the quest and then go over our new adversaries in depth so that you have everything you need to be successful in this quest. The first of these Elite Quests sends us on a hunt for three Yetis by the name of Yeti. Every one of these Yetis is a Level 25, and it's worth spending some time with them to become familiar with their attacks, because every Yeti you encounter will have the same attacks that they can perform.

The first is Rames, who can be found in Rames' Refuge, which is located just west of Everfall's Winter Village and southwest of Bearclaw Shrine. Hari, who resides in Southern Monarch's Bluff, in Hari's Hollow, which is just north of Monarch's Bluff Winter Village and the Dreadscythe Spirit Shrine, makes it relatively easy to get to from most locations in the area.

In the end, there's Sunit, who resides in Light's Crown Lair, which is located in Western's First Light, not far from the border with Cutlass Keys. Due to the differences between the other two, your only options for getting here quickly are Quick Traveling to either Cutlass Keys or the Las Torres Lookout Spirit Shrine in the early morning and then taking off.

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