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This question is very hard to answer since we do not know which patch the remaster will emulate. Still, every class has some skills or utility that make it useful or fun to play.

Diablo 2 beginners or returning players trying to refresh their memory should check out this list and see why you might want to play any of the classes.

Which Diablo 2 class to pick

With the addition of the base game and the Lord of Destruction expansion, Diablo 2: Resurrected offers up seven classes to choose from. When you’re creating a new character the seven campfire options you’ll be presented with are: Amazon, Assassin, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Paladin, and Sorceress.

Diablo characters and classes have always been created in a way that is somewhat self-evident, meaning the underlying fantasy is catered for by the name and the overall look of the Hero of Sanctuary in question.


A Druid may not immediately come to mind when you think of who you’d want to play as when facing off against the embodiment of evil and their forces, but the Druid’s magic is nothing to sneeze at. Another class that’s not part of the base game, he is something of a mixed class as well, but in a unique way. He has summoning skills, but also strong melee options if you want, or need, to get in close. Because they can do so much, you’ll want to focus on one or two aspects to be effective by the late game.

The Druid’s skill trees are broken down into Elemental, Shape Shifting, and Summoning. Starting with Elemental, this branch gives you, well, elemental skills that are great for exploiting enemy weakness. These are particularly useful when you get deeper into the game and encounter more enemy types that are immune to specific elements. Shape Shifting lets you transform yourself into either a bear or a wolf, and then learn new skills for that specific transformation. This is the path you’ll want if you want to build into a melee build, with the bear form being more of a tank and the wolf DPS. Summoning is a popular branch for Druids since there are summoning options to support just about any build.


The Necromancer can summon minions to fight by his side against the forces of evil. He can also use Curses to debilitate enemies turning the tides of battle in his favor. He also has access to ranged spells allowing him to stay at a safe position most of the time. Summoner Necromancers require corpses to raise their army, which means that they might need some time to get going on each run.

The Barbarian

The Barbarian is a good choice if you just want to brute force your way through the early game. However, once you get to the mid-to-late game, the Barbarian’s skill tree becomes a bit more complex. Their ability to dual wield is a major plus — the Barbarian Frenzy Build is especially good for this. You should assign points to Battle Orders and Taunt, which will keep you alive for longer and make enemies more predictable, respectively. If you prefer to play more as a Tank, then assign points to Whirlwind, Natural Resistance, and Iron Skin for enhanced protection against affiliations and defense.


The Sorceress (or Sorc) has three skill trees based on fire, lightning, and frost. They can be very powerful since they have devastating single-target and AOE capabilities. You will also find them highly useful for teleporting through areas and setting Town Portals later in the game without using runewords.

Make a plan with your class and stick to it

That wide range of possibilities means each class can function quite differently depending on your choices. With the aforementioned Necromancer, you might focus entirely on summoning an army of minions, or you might opt for a build that invests points in poison/bone spells, letting you deal damage more directly. Assassins can focus on traps they summon or martial arts skills. Druids can be shapeshifters or rely on elemental attacks. Depending on the class, you can also center your entire build around a single skill, as with Zeal Paladins or Blessed Hammer Paladins, who are also known in the community as Hammerdins.

While you're free to mix and match skills as you wish, it's generally best to make a plan and invest accordingly. You have a limited number of skill points to allot, meaning you won't be able to acquire everything in the skill tree. And even if you do invest heavily in a particular skill, that may dictate what other skills you should choose due to skill synergies, which you can see listed when hovering over a skill. For instance, the basic Raise Skeleton skill for Necromancers gets a bonus from Skeleton Mastery and Summon Resist, making those important skills for a summoner to choose.

Resurrected features a respec system, so you aren't entirely locked into the choices you make, but there are limitations on it (you'll earn some respec opportunities for free as you play, while subsequent ones require gathering certain resources). As a result, don't plan on being able to freely experiment to the same degree that you can in Diablo 3.

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