I think you're right but with the way they created the badges this year from Nanlina's blog

The badge updating card would do 2K21 MT the job simple. In case a NBA 2K player does not have a badge you need, you can update it to bronze. If they already do, it upgrades one tier (gold - hall of fame). A means to avoid this by becoming too disgusting is the fact that a NBA 2K participant might have a limit of how many badge updates they could utilize. Badge updates would also add variety and may make the NBA 2K participant opt for different prices, based on if any badges were added. Let me know if you believe it can work and what you think about the concept, or if you want to see it in NBA 2k21!

Want to report a bug? The place for that is our Feedback & Wishlist threads where community feedback about NBA 2K is downloaded and sent to 2K. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any queries or concerns. Were badge upgrades not a thing in myteam recently? I've been super into it this year but ive and I thought I packed badges.

I think you're right but with the way they created the badges this year, along with adding so many new ones, I believe they would need to make some alterations to badge upgrades if they brought it back.Absolutely, I may be an optimist but when a team takes out a characteristic like that I like to think theyre taling a year off to start looking into just how they could allow it to function much better.The Way to Revive NBA 2k MyCareer

To preface: LONG READ, however if you are in to offline my league or my livelihood, you may really like it:--RRB- jump to number 1 to skip the introduction. Jump to for a summary. If you do read please do the following: Count how often you find the word"VC" or"Microtransactions". Introduction I had a situation of crap internet, so recently I have become more of a myleague/mygm guy. MyCareer was/is addicting, however I went to college and became equally strapped and broke for time. Because of that, I jacked Alex Curuso into a 99 complete and NBA 2K participant locked him.

Suffice to sayit's a lot more fun than I believed, and it got me thinking, what's different in this contrasted to mycareer (not talking about park, I am ass online, I'll admit it. I feel like the issue with 2k my career is the fact that it's too one dimensional. Fundamentally in the event that you play online, you use it to grind. You do not play with it if you do not play on the internet. There needs to be some thing (s) added to NBA 2K which include variety... so last night I came up with ONE item that would change Nba 2k20 my career. It's nothing much, and there are probably some things in this that we have all thought about needing were in NBA 2K. So yeah, basically here is the 1 thing I'd do to my profession.

Expand on what is currently in NBA 2K I love to begin with this because I really do feel like when wishlists are created, there are things, while might make 2k awesome, could be wishful thinking, understanding 2k's track record. Can I love to drive to the stadium and houses like Chris Smoove did in my own old 2k videos? Hell yea, but I don't want that idea to come in the kind of something similar to MyCourt; something which not a buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins people today use well as an idea that it was in theory. Cause think about it: it's an area you can socialize with your friends, achievements and sneakers, play fast games of 2k, and have that immersion of living a luxurious life.

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By Nanlina
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