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What are these leaders of OSRS Gold For Sale taking a look at? How can they determine the most profitable item to sell? It's very simple. Jagex provides the answer. Visit the Grand Exchange section of this website. There are details such as the price changes in the current market for runescape.

The section that you will be looking at will most likely be the "Price Drops because it's the place where you can discover the top items for a sell to. This is the most reliable and most basic method of earning money. Players know this so the more you purchase, the higher the prise rises.

Here are some suggestions to make use of the 100 most sought-after item drops. Beware of 'air runses', which can be dangerous since there are a lot on the marketplace. Your money can be reserved for certain items, like armor and ore.

Once you've found the item you're looking for, ensure that it isn't reduced in value either daily or monthly. If it has decreased in price over the past the last 180 days, it will likely continue to drop in prices unless it's a particular kind of product I'll be discussing in the next section. Do not buy any items that have dropped by more than 4 percent in the past 7 days. This has led to massive losses.

Special items (Usually not listed on the list of the top 100). There are some special items, such as certain types of fish and ores. They do not decrease at an accelerated rate so they will not be included in the list of top 100. Merchant clans make their living by selling these items. They'll spend around an hour researching the prices of items that have been reported to rise from rock bottom to sky-high within three days.

You can search the internet to find these items (I will provide an overview to those who are interested) or you can use a program that finds the best merch to purchase for the week. While these are important items such as food items and other "skilling objects", they can be difficult to locate. Here's a list of the most effective items to sell in short time periods. Invite your friends to participate to assist you in increasing the price by purchasing more of the same product.

Well there's my personal top ten that I sell with... I'm only giving this information away as I'm done with runningescape merchanting as I'm more focused on spending my money on developing skills. Best of luck to everyone! Good Luck to everyone! (Sorry if this was posted in the wrong location. Please move it to the correct location if you need to.

I'm not able to speak for the female vocal. I don't know what the person behind the door would be, maybe someone from Zaros. I just hope it's someone interesting and there's some story behind it and not just an "Here's a new boss. Strike, fight, and kill. Keep up-to-date.

I'm seeking God to grant the players access to the random generator for dungeons to increase the difficulty level prior to their boss. A mechanic can be employed to disarm a player and then another person must release them. This is the best way to promote teamwork. It is true, but if the random dungeon creator was to work it would need a max level to deal with any difficulties. So, you won't be in danger if the whole of the dungeon has been abruptly shut off by a single door.

I think the disabling idea would be great and fit in with the notion that we require teamwork. For example, they could create a deep freezer attack that targets only one player at a given moment. Then it would be melting slowly (not infinite, so if unprotected it can be escaped). This would force players into a group of at minimum two.

I can imagine bosses throwing at Dung style bosses to make more difficult bosses. There are a few things you need to do in order to be successful. Although some bosses might be less efficient than others (Lexicus comes in mind), I believe it would be a good idea to change the methods that are used to kill them. This could result in exciting boss battles.

Jagex and the Dangers of a Half Assed Wildy

With all the excitement about the revival of the wilderness, I will examine the implications to the 2007 RS Accounts. How the new mechanics from the past few years will work with "the wildy", and what issues this might create.

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