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Azgalor is the fourth leader of the Hyjal Peak raid in the Burning Expedition. When you face it, you will have to deal with the regular death of players in the raid, because its difficulty has risen by a notch. You must also avoid the rain of fire from the boss, which is a DPS competition for players!

When Kaz'Rogal dies, the player will face the first really difficult Boss in this instance, Azgalor. However, before dealing with him, you still need to solve some other WOW TBC Gold rubbish.

There will be a total of eight waves of mobs that need to be cleaned up in the tribal camp. The two new creatures that come are Hellfire and Demon Dogs all over the camp. Although they will not cause harm, they will Eat the mana of the healer.

The player will be in the camp as before and will have to move a little bit, because there will be 8 hellfires all over the camp. This link is actually not that difficult, and their dps pressure is much smaller.

In these eight waves of monsters, although it is not all easy, in any case, it is not too difficult. You only need to pay a little attention to the 6th wave consisting of 6 banshees and 6 wizards. The team members cooperated with each other, and the role of the tank was in place to Buy TBC Classic Gold get through this wave steadily.

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