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New World players especially love the meteor showers in the new winter fusion event, and they hope the game team can keep these meteor showers.

New World players have repeatedly expressed their opinions on many problems in the game, such as the economic collapse and the decline in the active population. Amazon has been listening to the New World Gold opinions of the players.

Players were outspoken online, and after a while, Amazon decided to go back to the drawing board and change the way the new watermarking system works. This allows New World to retain their equipment points, even if they are increased by powerful items purchased from the trading station.

Since the December patch and the winter fusion event of the holiday season, things have improved, and New World players are particularly pleased with the addition of Gleamite Meteor. These meteors are random and dynamic events that occur whenever the night of New World occurs. They look like flashing and burning objects flying across the sky. At some point, meteors will decompose and scatter into Gleamite Chunks, which are iridescent crystals from space. Players collect these pieces to get extra winter tokens to get more holiday loot.

Winter tokens are already an indispensable part of the New World winter fusion event. They can be exchanged at the Winter Village Holiday Lodge, but this also means that they are likely to disappear at the end of the event. A Reddit user posted a post and gained a lot of attention in the community, asking for a shooting star. Players suggest that after the event is over, let the meteor drop to the Starmetal node, which is not only meaningful in the theme, but will also continue to provide an interesting in-game event that is conducive to agriculture.

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