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There are still a few days left before Christmas. WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic also started their Winter Veil Festival. The following will explain the things you must pay attention to and the gifts you can pack.

Blizzard has been changing the world events in ordinary World of Warcraft for many years, but players in the World of Warcraft nostalgia and Burning Expedition nostalgia still enjoy the original variant of the festival. The classic winter breath version will last until January 2, 2022.

Like many other world events, as the Burning Crusade expanded, so did the Feast of Winter Veil. Compared with the content in the classic World of Warcraft version, it has Buy TBC Classic Gold carried out some innovations.

You can find the Clockwork Rocket Robot in the winter atmosphere under the Christmas tree from December 25. If you blow a kiss to a winter celebrater, you can pick up 5 snowflakes. Green and red winter hats will also be dropped from specific bosses in the dungeon of TBC Classic.

In addition, the Winter Veil Festival of WOW Classic will be held on January 2. You will be able to buy snowballs from seasonal merchants in Kokelwälder. Frozen water can be found in snow-covered areas of Azeroth, such as the holiday snowdrifts in the Alterac Mountains. In addition, engineers can also manufacture the Snow Master 900. And you can also find solid snowballs in the frozen snowdrifts of the Alterac Mountains. You can use these snowballs to repel other players.

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