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New World Hemp Farm Bot Trapped With Tents By Human Players

Thanks to a band of New World players, one of the MMORPG's many hemp bots was recently captured and trapped. Though the game launched exactly one month ago, New World is already plagued with cheaters, many of whom use bots to farm valuable resources.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit official website.

Fishing bots have proven among the most popular cheats in the Amazon Games title, thus far. These bots typically crowd around fishing hotspots in-game, constantly launching and reeling in their lines to retrieve rare fish. Players continue to find interesting ways of doing away with the nuisances without relying on the bot ban system. Some users, for example, have learned to sic wild animals on the offending fake fishermen. Unfortunately, even more bots regularly roam about New World as well, chipping away at other necessary resources. Until Amazon can resolve New World's cheating issues, users feel the need to take matters into their own hands.
Fishing bots aren't New World's only menaces, hemp farm bots also tend to spoil the ecosystem. As such, Reddit user RammarasFTW and a few friends were quick to act once one of them spotted a player behaving strangely. Upon realizing the user named "joetaku" was actually a hemp-snatching bot, the group trapped it in several campsite tents. New World is inundated with all kinds of bots that farm various materials, but Rammaras told PC Gamer the hemp bot their company trapped is "a special one." The player explained, "It can path around the map to the specific coordinates where hemp spawns, farm it, and move on."

While this seems a clever way of obstructing a cheater's set path, there's only so much players can do on their own. And some worry the overwhelming number of bots may negatively impact New World's in-game economy, which Amazon recently insisted will not be an issue.

After a protracted development cycle and a couple of delays, New World hit PC last month on September 28. It quickly climbed the sales charts, too, managing to amass over half a million players on its launch day alone. Needless to say, the MMORPG is off to a strong start. Hopefully, the online title can maintain this level of momentum for a long time to come.

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