An All-Group Stretching Reward in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a new twist on the classic game from Maxwell Dick's blog

But before we get to the rewards, it might be beneficial to go over how to participate in group stretching a little bit more thoroughly. Participants can participate in a group stretch simply by interacting with the cassette deck that is located in front of Resident Services and selecting the option to stretch as a group. As a result, fans should double-check that they have updated to the most recent version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf because the cassette deck does not appear to be in the proper position. As the name implies, New Horizons 2.0 is an update to the previous version.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a new Animal Crossing game that includes Group Stretching Rewards.

Players in ACNH will receive new title keywords as well as Nook Miles for stretching their groups three, ten, twenty, thirty, and fifty times, respectively. RememberAnimal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Tickets each stretch must be completed on a separate day, and the Nook Mile and title keyword rewards for completing each milestone are as follows:

Counted the number of stretching sessions and Nook miles completed. Title and keywords following honors have been bestowed upon individuals:30 2,000 Peak-Performing, Bodybuilder 50 3,000 Stoic, Health Nut 3 300 Peppy, Kids 10 500 Athletic, Fitness Fan 20 1,000 Sporty, Athlete 1,000 Sporty, Athlete 30 2,000 Peak-Performing, Bodybuilder

Listed below are the specifics of the item rewards, and players should keep an eye out for them in their mailboxes:
Specifications of the Items RewardedCounting the number of stretch description of the item
10 Nook Inc. Yoga Mat, $10.95 ea. It's a piece of furniture, after all.

Observations and Reactions to the Situation
Arm Circles to Warm Up Your PostureSide bends are a type of animal crossing nook miles ticket occurs on either side of the body. Twists of the body jumping with wide arm stretches and upper-body circlesArm Circles to Warm Up Your Posture

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