The xp Buy RuneScape Gold is devstating from Wuyahong's blog

The xp Buy RuneScape Gold is devstating, more than regularly killing them, more if acctually combating them. Be sure you keep the ranged bonus high for the cannon. You can ALCH the limbs/daggers but I prefer to offer them to purchase. The greatest part is that you can remain here for a few weeks and not get bored. Thanks to Tcmp3. No copying permitted. It is my property. OK, I did correct some spelling mistakes. It is still possible to use the cannon. But occasionally, monsters knock it down.

Why Do People Hate Farming

Many RS players do not like the Farming Skill. They either learn it using Tears of Guthix or use it for requirements in quests, such as Fairy Tale Pt 2. When I inquire about why people don't like Farming the most common response will be:"too boring". These claims are not true.

I find Farming to be one of the most fascinating abilities. It provides a variety of possibilities for learning, a change in scenery, and allows you to speak in a cc while still learning. You don't have to do the exact actions in the same location for several hours. Instead, there is an extended break between Farming runs that lets you do what you wish.

The idea of blaming farming for being too costly is similar to saying that Slayer costs hundreds of million. It can be observed by looking at the cost of Bandos, Fury and Cannonballs... There are a variety of price/xp ratios available in Farming and it's easy to find the right method to suit your needs. Personally, I don't really have any desire to gain rapid XP from Farming as there's nothing else to gain other than a skillcape, so I do rounds of Pineapple and Willow trees and profit much more than I lose.

Herbs can be very good profit while still offering a bit of XP. Profitable herbs are ones that aren't able to be botted at Sorceress's Garden. In addition, I perform numerous other activities that could make money from, such as purchasing and acquiring items to offer on GE.

They include unfinished Broad bolts, Battlestaffs, Sand from Bert Flax, Geoffrey, Flax, Pure ess, Flax, and Seaweed from Catherby General Store.

If you plant a Spirit Tree within Etceteria, your Kingdom will be more applaudive. You can also sprinkle water on the Dry Patch while farming the patch. The rate of farming XP cannot be calculated per an hour with the exceptions of minigames. Instead, it depends on the current time. Although I limit myself to one tree run per day, should you do it, it will add to your daily XP.

Logging in to RS could be a great method to earn lots of farming XP while you're busy playing the Real Life MMORPGTM. You can get an equivalent XP level of 1m per hour if you log in to RS exclusively for farming. The XP rate was not great prior to Willow Trees. This could discourage beginners from learning about Farming.

There is a new option to train Farming similarily to other abilities (repeatedly clicking), known as the Livid Farm. This makes Farming less useful and diminishes the 99 Farm achievement. Your opinion about farming?

F2p Skiller Guide. Hello, my name is Matamurem. I have provided you with a guide I made for a couple of abilities that people who are F2P are able to master! When I am able to join the F2P community and join the group, the other skills will be added. The ability to constructively critique is highly sought-after...

Rune Med Helms. Will cost about 100 million gold + but you will make around half of the amount back if you stick towards it. Med Helms go for 11.4k if they are in high demand. Platebodies are the same as Med Helms, but cost 39.5k. They require 99 to make them.

Runecrafting 99. Air runes are a simple and fast way to earn your money. For each 28 runes you earn, you'll receive 308 runes. Each rune costs 5 gold. It costs 308*5=1540 for 1 load. If you do 100 loads, you'll get 154000gp. You can earn money quickly and also get the essence for a low cost if you're mage. Essence can be extracted using the aubry teleporter for free and is the simplest method of gaining RC.

After keying many times (since 70 Dg) i thought of some rules for keyers and raiders. This is my guideline however, please make it better. You can use the mark option to control the gds, the skill door and skill rooms.

Use gatestone to gate certain things that u as keyer cannot open alone, (prioritize gds or any rooms that require the whole team to access first, and then skill rooms/doors/keys). If no other doors are open, stay away from the group as much possible. Note keying locations (write it down, if you want). It is also possible to want to open the map and find the key entrances, rooms and gds.

Can you discern two gds? Prioritize them, and determine which of them could lead to more doors, by looking at your map. Is there a free gate? It can be used to track down doors that you believe will link to a D. Request your team members to drop off at ggs every time you require food. Team in gd but need door open? Gate the required door and give it to 1 teammate. Ask for a gate that is free and ask for the keyer.

You need a gate open, however the door is not located in an Gd/W/E. You have two choices: either move your gate closer to the door next to it, or you can simply keep track of where it is, and then move when the team is closer. Find the cosmics and tools you require as quickly as you can. No altar, no pray? Have your team create one. Dont's never skill, never ever do it. Gds should not be done only when absolutely essential.

Don't give bosses unneeded items, such as potions, food or runes. It's not worthwhile summoning your familiars. The only way to summon an angry rager on floor warpedness is to summon them. You shouldn't be able to gate stupid things (farm patches or fishing spots, etc).

Always give food to the person who you're asked to. This is due to the fact that they are likely to suffer more damage (proved in end-at-gd, keyer always has "meat shield award") So it is important to not hoard food.

No money, tools and cosmics right now later buy as soon as u get money. If your entire team isn't available for prayer, you can make an altar. Gate without being told! It can be extremely helpful and you should always keep an eye for the keys in the inventory of your keyer, and make sure you announce the gate you are using should you need to. It is essential to be sure to mention the doors you've discovered that aren't accessible.

Make sure to make the pots as instructed and it will help a lot. Keyer requested that you ggs to him so he could open a door while you are in a Gd. The door opened quicker than gds, so it was ggs. Don't forget about to gate your original location. Always listen to Keyser! I cannot stress that further. Are you looking for more?

It's a mix of irons and steels. I don't know the drop from which dragon it comes. It's like 100 irons and 110 steels. It took me approximately 5 hours, 2 trips to 6k runes, and then the spellfire wave. (83 magic at that moment.) Subscribe to get more logs. You will continue if you want! If you have any requests you would like to discuss, feel free to contact me via this thread. I'm not the best player but i hope i can assist. (You may also add me in the game "Tnx Buddy", just let me know why you chose me.

Andrew is willing to design T-shirts. He is skilled in Photoshop and graphic design and other general "artsy" types. I am just asking if anybody is interested in purchasing T-shirts.

Naturally, I know that some of you may not be interested in wearing one. It's just for fun. Additionally, Andrew has no idea I've signed him up for this. This is just me testing the waters. This is more of a "what's the deal with this; are they any good?" This thread is more of a "what's going on is it worth it?" type of thread. I could have organized the thread prior to posting it. It's all good!

I'm not sure if this belongs to the discussion forum or not, but it's meant to provoke discussion so I'll put it here. The majority of shops have become redundant since the introduction of GE, and even before that. A few shops can be beneficial, but they are mainly the ones that sell unusual items that don't end up on GE or selling costly products in bulk at a low price, such as feathers and runes.

There are stores that offer unique or rare items like Faruq's tools or Faruq's clothing store. The majority of shops aren't utilized and therefore are not used. Nowadays, nobody is going to sell gemstones to the jewel trader or jewellery to jewelers. Or go to the taverly for Mithril IIh swords.

In your opinion, what changes can be made to enhance the usefulness of stores? How will your suggestion enhance their utility, and what are your thoughts on other suggestions on this thread? A suggestion: I think that clothing stores would be successful if they all were run the same manner like Thessalia's. The majority of clothing that is not a stat could be made standard. This would increase visits to those shops because default clothes are admired and appreciated by the majority of people of the customers, while clothing that are more expensive get in the way of armor or other important things.

Hey, gals and guys! Tas here is your friendly RSOF lurker. Anyways! I wanted to inform you about the way I was scammed, and the best way to avoid it. Nobody I've spoken to has heard about this before, however I keyed it together in my brain, and just make sure that you don't fall for it yourselves.

Beware of those who offer high costs for junk that is extremely massive. "Need 300 steel pickaxes! Each will be sold at 10k. The above happened to ge. As promised, I was given one or two steel pickaxes by the person who was using them.

I thought waaay too fast and ran to the store to buy a few more. They didn't buy. They didn't buy anymore. Before I realized that I was increased the price up to the 2k, 3k and 4k range - just to get the buy, so I could get that stupidly huge profit that was offered by this user ("10k per person! You will need 300 pickaxes!

I spent a few mill on pickaxes of 100 or 200, which mysteriously bought in that exact amount. I ran back to my ge user and the user logged in. It's clear what transpired. He bought himself pickaxes and then made a "Sell" offer for a ridiculously high price that no one (save, maybe, for desperate cluers at lvl 1?) Then he announced that he wanted to purchase pickaxes for an even higher price than the price he had offered the pickaxes for.

The note from the GE said that his offer was over, and he logged off. The account had a bunch of gibberish for a name, as I mentioned, so I imagine the money will be switched over to a main account at some point. tongue.png

Again, be wary of others who post similar "OMFG must buy naoo!" messages. Especially if they need a large bulk of a junk item that isn't readily available in your region. It's possible to feel a bit foolish and lonely in the GE. Cheers!

It's been two months since the Squeal of Fortune was released. We've been trying to answer some of the players' concerns, dispel doubts regarding the popularity of the update, explain the motivations behind the update, and lastly the reason it's in the future.

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent us feedback about the latest Squeal of Fortune updates. Squeal of Fortune was originally designed to be a fun, light-hearted feature in RuneScape. Users are now able to enjoy a brand new way of getting cash rewards each when they sign in to RuneScape. Buy RS 2007 Gold members get double the daily bonus spins and we've been updating it several times since its launch. It gives players multiple additional opportunities to get free Squeal spins.

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