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Blizzard recently announced the news that World of Warcraft: Classic players have been waiting for: The game's next "classic" expansion, The Burning Crusade, will arrive on June 1. But many in the game's community have been less than thrilled with two announcements that coincided with the news about the game's launch date, namely the short length of the Burning Crusade's pre-patch as well as the inclusion of additional services and cosmetics Blizzard is now offering for real money in WoW Classic for the first time.To get more news about wow gold pay pal, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Pre-patches for WoW expansions typically last about four weeks and lay the groundwork for the upcoming expansion. The patches include class balance and talent changes, new items, and typically some kind of activity or questline that leads into the game's next chapter. For Burning Crusade Classic, the pre-patch is of even greater importance than normal, as it not only brings about class changes and item rebalancing, but also two new races in the form of the Horde's Blood Elves and the Alliance's Draenei. Blood Elves are the only Horde race in the Burning Crusade that can be the previously Alliance-exclusive paladin class, while Draenei is the only Alliance race which can be the previously Horde-exclusive shaman class. That means more than a few players will be rerolling to play these new classes.
Blizzard said during the initial announcement of Burning Crusade Classic that the game's pre-patch would allow players an opportunity to level new Blood Elf and Draenei characters ahead of the expansion's launch. Given Blizzard's pre-patch history, most players assumed this would mean a pre-patch lasting about four weeks.

Instead, when Blizzard announced the game's release date, it also said the pre-patch would be launching on May 18, only giving players a little over two weeks to make preparations and level their new characters. While the time it takes to level in the Burning Crusade pre-patch is reduced from WoW Classic thanks to reduced experience requirements and more experience from quests, it's still a significant time investment that will take most players dozens of hours, and now players have even less time than they expected to accomplish the task or risk starting the new expansion significantly behind.

More than a few players on the game's subreddit have expressed disappointment with the shorter-than-usual pre-patch, as many didn't have time to plan their work schedules around the patch launch or simply wanted more time to play their new characters at level 60 before the release of the Burning Crusade. As the user Periodiko points out in the game's subreddit in an upvoted comment on the topic of pre-patch length, while Blizzard never officially said how long the pre-patch would be prior to their announcement, "The explicit intention of allowing people to level [Blood Elves] and Draenei was to allow them to level to 60 in preparation for TBC. The expectation is there will be a reasonable time frame to do that just seemed tremendously unlikely we'd only get two weeks because that would be a pretty bad way to do it."

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