Path of Exile Harvest League has released a PC version on June 19 from CSCCA's blog

Now POE’s game team has officially released Harvest League. Players will use the help of NPC named Oshabi in the new league to collect seed cache in Sacred Grove for cultivation. The specific steps for planting seeds are the first step. Players go to Sacred Grove to collect a variety of level 1 seeds and then bring them back to their garden for cultivation to produce a variety of monsters. They then gain powerful vitality by killing these monsters to make exquisite crafts and then sell or trade to get POE Currency or other props they need.

The most popular feature among players is that they can make all kinds of things themselves in the new league. The production mechanism created by the development team will be the unique and interesting feature in the game. Players can also see four new WarCry skills and three improved skills appear in the game. Gameplay, various props, and passive skill trees have all optimized and improved.

Harvest League will be the main game content for players in the next three months. Players who love handicrafts and agriculture will definitely fall in love with Harvest League because of the characteristics of Harvest League. Oshabi is an NPC who plays a very important role in Harvest League and can guide players to a wonderful start. Players will collect seeds in Sacred Grove while helping her explore more mysterious things. Her position is both the guardian of Sacred Grove and an excellent mentor in the game for players.

The official release of the Harvest League also urged some players who have not yet entered the game to prepare for POE Items and Path of Exile Currency fastly. Anything they do in the game needs the help of some props. They need not to Buy POE Currency after they are fully proficient. No matter what level players are in, as long as they work hard, they will definitely get a marvellous game experience.

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