New World: Robots are stealing game resources and severely disrupt the market economy from AnneBullock's blog

Since Amazon Game Studio launched New World in September, this MMORPG has had many troublesome problems. These problems include extremely simple exploits and repeated economic pauses due to cheaters.

Among them, a large number of advanced agricultural robots have been collecting resources such as fish and depleted ore reserves. Due to their intensive collection, the resources of the natural world are being stripped, which at the same time caused the New World Gold price of resources to plummet.

Whether it is the official New World forum or the game's subreddit, many players have complained about the situation where robots are endlessly digging for supplies like some kind of blind colonists. Some robots will stay for several weeks in order to collect fish resources, and others will even grow azoth water, leather and other materials. Most importantly, players reported that these materials depressed the price of game resources and caused serious damage to New World's economy. Players pointed out that with so many robots, does the official exaggerate the population of the server?

Player breezystroo reported on Reddit that robots are destroying their hopes of playing New World because they not only occupy all resources, but even affect the market for epic materials. Players have posted a lot of photos of robots waiting to cool down at popular fishing spots. Sometimes these robots will drop a lot of leather when they fail, and a few lucky players will find them by accident. They sometimes make mining easier.

There are also some YouTube users who are making videos by discovering New World robots. From the videos posted by some of them, we can see that some robots have been farming in an area for several days. They seem to be completely ignoring the day and night, always waiting to dig for materials.

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