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It is very important to choose the correct level and build at the beginning of the game, otherwise you will find that as the level increases, your game experience becomes worse and worse. Many players have had a similar experience, that is, when the game progresses to normal, they find that the build they create is not as perfect as they imagined, because they like to waste precious skill points at the beginning of the Diablo 2 Resurrected Items game. Therefore, you'd better have a simple understanding of the game mechanics before entering the game. Keep reading this guide, and you may be able to make a suitable choice the next time you enter the game.

Whether you're returning Diablo player searching for a quick refresher, or you are a complete newcomer for the series, the following tips should be helpful at the outset of the game. We'll have you ever ready to send Diablo with the exceptional minions back in Hell prior to the chance to decide on a Diablo 2 class.

Useful Tricks
Outside of combat, you'll spend time and effort in Diablo 2's inventory menus. You can accelerate the selling process using the new standard of living tweak that lets you instantly sell a product or service at a store. Control and left select any item with your inventory to promote it with a merchant. You can save sufficient time with this handy little shortcut, sparing you minutes any time you finish battling demons.
There's another merchant-related shortcut you can use to purchase multiple pieces of one click. Shift and right click means that you can purchase a stack of things. This is handy when acquiring scrolls for ones tomes as it enables you to buy 20 scrolls a single click. You can also add items straight away to your belt by pressing shift and left click.
Finally, use alt to produce all of the items dropped on the ground. This is crucial as it permits you to see every item on the watch's screen, providing you with the freedom for being more selective by what you get. At the beginning of the action, most players pick-up any old trash as they possibly sell it on, but this decelerates drastically when you start to find better loot.

Purchase tomEs in advance
The scrolls of identify and town portal are going to become two of the most used products in Diablo 2, right alongside potions. Once you unlock access for the vendor in Act 1, obtain a tome of identity and town portal immediately. These tomes enable you to store approximately 20 scrolls in each vessel, saving you an abundance of inventory space. The tomes should turn into a mainstay within your inventory throughout the action, likely occupying a similar space from beginning to end.

The quests, NPCs and even items and skills in the game are consistent with the original Diablo 2, so I can create a powerful character in the game based on my previous experience of playing the original Diablo 2. But this time I don't plan to spend too much time collecting set items for the character. I decided to buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items directly. Because I found a website called https://www.mmowts.com/d2-resurrected-items is selling cheap items, and the delivery speed is very fast.

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