POE 3.11 update full of Harvest League related information will release soon from CSCCA's blog

Players are sad about the ending of the POE Delirium League Challenge. But what makes them happy now is that they are about to usher in the Harvest League developed by GGG. The POE game team has long reminded players that they should prepare more POE Currency for the new League. Players work hard in the new league to reap the vitality produced by the horror monsters. They can harvest POE Items through battle while planting crops.

They can find seed caches that can generate the most basic level 1 seeds in various areas of the expedition. After completing the above steps, they can upgrade the level 1 seed to the level 2 seed, and the players will harvest more and more things in the loop and become more valuable. Players can also pick up Lifeforce dropped from monsters so they can customize to take part in the battle. The quality of seed planting is directly proportional to vitality.

The vitality gained by players after killing monsters is an iconic item in the Harvest League. They can use their vitality to make all kinds of exquisite and expensive handicrafts. Players can also complete more tasks than usual with the support of immense vitality to get more resources and Path of Exile Currency. Although players do not yet know exactly what they should do, players can be sure of is that they can have more opportunities to make money in Harvest League.

Harvest League is very easy for players of any level to get started. No matter what, players get valuable POE Orbs and Chaos Orb and POE Items through their own efforts. It is the most friendly league choice for novice players. Hardworking players will never need to Buy POE Currency as long as they insist on farming. Every diligent player deserves the greatest vitality and the most perfect gaming experience.

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