New World: Developers will merge servers later in order to deal with the problem of declining server population from AnneBullock's blog

New World’s servers are about to be merged in response to the community’s concerns about server migration and population decline caused by servers becoming deserted.

Recently, due to various reasons, the population of New World has declined.

There have been some errors and loopholes in the game, such as the golden scam, and the Amazon New World Coins game has not been updated with more gameplay, so some players feel that there is nothing to do for the time being.

The game's developers managed to fix many problems in the 1.05 update. However, the server transfer feature that has previously excited many players has brought some negative effects. That's right, it does allow many players to transfer to friends' servers and play games in teams. However, it also reduces the number of players in the few servers that are already a dead zone because of this feature.

Therefore, the community has been requesting developers to merge servers when this situation becomes more serious. The development team said that the feature is still under development, but this will not happen until they have been fully tested. Players in those servers with small populations are currently struggling to find other players.

The development team said that although they have enough confidence in the implementation of server functions, they still need to carry out some additional scale tests.

Due to some problems recently, they have to be more cautious about the next content update.

Finally, the developers added that they are always considering the issue of server pooling, and they are also actively developing it. When they finally make adjustments, people will get the latest news through the New World Coins community manager.

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