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The developers of New World confirmed some exciting changes in PVP content in a recent post.

Since the release of New World in September 2021, it has undergone a series of changes. Because there are many bugs and loopholes in the game, and the developers are working hard to manage them.

Moreover, it is difficult to know exactly what has changed and when these changes occurred.

However, in the post published by the game developer on November 2nd, we seem to show some transparency, because the game studio has confirmed that the PVP will undergo some major changes.

These changes confirmed in the post, the most important is the change of PVP mark rewards, and the addition of some exciting new tasks.

In addition to these new tasks to increase the diversity of PVP, marking PVP will also generate more rewards. This is even more beneficial to players who have reached level 60.

It seems that the hopes of more PVP and economic restoration that New World players have always wanted will be Buy New World Coins realized.

According to the developers, the PVP mark will be based on several short-term, medium-term and long-term changes.

First, the luck of the marked player will increase. In addition, when the player is marked, the durability damage of the equipment will also be reduced, so this will play a role in the maintenance cost of the equipment in the game.

In addition, in the mid-stage, the reward for PVP kills is adjusted to 60. In short, the game team will work hard for more people in Aeternum to join.

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