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Everyone knows that the Path of Exile is coming to an end this season. The advent of the new season has brought many interesting elements and some unknown things to players. Players can now learn that the use of melee skills in the new season can instantly create a huge advantage which changed the mainstream POE gameplay last season. Both novice players and old players can use the melee skills to defeat the monsters in the new season to snatch the most useful item POE Currency. This article mainly explains the two excellent melee skills to players. Both of these skills are very strong in terms of offense and defense and survival.

The first introduction is the Small Strike Stun skill. In the past, although the utility rate was not high and not accepted by players, it now ushered in a moment of real use thanks to the season update. Players can use this skill to challenge bosses, delirium, or explore mysterious areas on the map without hesitation. As long as this skill is used, it will chase the enemy and fight until death. Players don't actually have to worry about whether it will often hit players to death. Except for the ability to affect Uber Elder and Vaal Temple or Pheonix, everyone else will be stunned. In addition, it is absolutely perfect melee skills. Players can use it to effectively build POE Blight.

The second skill is to use Facebreaker gloves and Rigwald's cursed amulet to cause serious damage to many players or bosses who have no ability to attack. This skill has more than 5000 lives enough for Loreweave breastplate to make both offense and defense perform better. Players should note that this skill is no longer effective except Facebreakers and Rigwald's Curse. Players can only put a lot of energy into soft and hard cores to make this skill work again.

Players need to Buy POE Currency to maintain the creation work if they want to create more distinctive melee skills. The new POE season is waving to players. Every player should be confident in himself to achieve greater achievements and more Path of Exile Currency and POE Orbs and POE Chaos Orb in the game. Only in this way can players have no worries when fighting. The door to the new season’s POE is about to open!

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