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EA needs to make it more challenging in EA Sports EAFC 24 Coins, otherwise, gameplay will continue to feel stale.

There’s no denying EA has worked on how your players celebrate with their fans. Your players can slide or run toward the fans, high-five, and hug each other.

However, they can only do so near the goal side. And the celebration is only limited to a few fans, the rest are acting like nothing’s happened.

EA should make celebrations more electrifying. For example, have more fans come closer to the player.

Or maybe fans taking selfies with players after winning the league. This could make EA Sports FC more appealing.

Budget can be a hiccup for most inspiring gamers. And to access FC 24, you need to shell out money.

This can make you shy away from gaming since not many people budget to buy games. If EA can take the free-to-play route such as League of Legends did, then the barrier to entry would reduce and more people would enjoy the game.

Besides, as you’d guess, EA does bring home the bacon through the Ultimate Team. If that’s not feasible, they can reduce EA Sports FC’s price.

Objectives are crucial in unlocking challenges and getting rewards in the Ultimate Team. However, EA has made it difficult for you to accomplish as many as you can by limiting their access.

That is, you have to claim each Objective every time you open your game.

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This is not only annoying but also time-consuming. It even defeats the logic of having so many objectives to complete.

Besides, it’s hard to tell if you’ve completed specific objectives. EA should add a Aldquo;Collect All ObjectivesArdquo; button to make the process more satisfying.

The buy EAFC 24 Coins was full of glitches and comic issues. For example, an online multiplayer match can become unbearable to play.

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