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While playing Animal Crossing, you'll catch thousands of insects and fish in a short period of time.In addition, you will amass a large collection of stones, clay, clothes, and furniture.The majority of these items can be quickly sold in the shop in order to obtain the bells necessary to develop your home or construct infrastructure on the island in short order.However, it is not worthwhile to sell everything.Here's a short list of items that you should hold off on getting rid of immediately.

Take the first specimen of fish or insect that you catch to the museum.Because some creatures are extremely rare, you may come to regret the fact that you gave so many gifts to the museum in order to help them complete their collection.However, the excitement of collecting various species and specimens for the museum outweighs the pleasure of receiving dozens of ringing animal crossing bells.
Never sell all of your fruit if you don't have at least one tree of that type on the island in question.New tree species can be discovered on other islands, which can be reached by Dodo airlines, which offers daily flights.If you come across trees with fruits that are not available on your island, you should consider bringing them back home and planting them (preferably all of them).You will receive more bells for their fruits than you will for the fruits of those who have been on your island since the beginning.As a result, you can make a lot of money.

Surviving SQUID GAME in Animal Crossing!!Surviving SQUID GAME in Animal Crossing!!

Stones, iron, clay, and gold are all useful components that are required for the creation of various items.However, there is a limit to the number of stones that can be obtained each day (it is possible to fly to other islands and try your luck in finding some stones there, but this will incur additional costs).As a result, don't sell them; instead, place them in storage.After some time, they will be of assistance.

Don't try to sell DIY recipes that you don't know how to make - instead, learn them.Don't throw away a recipe or a blueprint for the sake of a few coins.You will be able to create something completely unique!

Please do not sell fossils.Give the museum one unit of each fossil that you collect.Even if you come across something that is currently on display at the museum, we do not recommend that you sell it to the public.What is the reason?Because you can use dinosaur skeletons to decorate your home (and 'garden'), and because there are only a limited number of them available every day (four per day), it takes a very long time to amass a substantial collection.

Don't get rid of any furniture, wallpaper, or floors that aren't absolutely necessary.Despite the fact that you only have a small space to work with at first, you will eventually be able to find more space to work with.Perhaps you will find some of the recently sold furniture to be beneficial to you.Apart from that, who knows, maybe in six months you'll decide to convert one of your rooms into a kitchen, in which case this dishwasher, which you recently sold, would be the perfect fit.

Despite the increase in visual fidelity, the core gameplay of ACNH bells for sale has remained the same.New Horizons is still about getting out of bed each morning, making friends with the local animal characters, arranging furniture in your home, and donating dinosaur fossils to the nearby museum, as it always has been.

However, despite the fact that New Horizons is presented as an experience with no clear objective and a "do what you feel" vibe, there is a primary goal: to make the best damn island possible.Because of this implicit challenge, this installment goes above and beyond what previous games have provided, allowing you to create a truly customized habitat for you and your animal companions to enjoy.

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