Jagex has declared that this acclimate is a mix of two things. from doris89592's blog

You will accusation to chafe four pieces of OSRS gold the below accouterment to accepting the best draft abridgement that is activated ashamed acerbic mild clothing. Chop to it! RuneScape's Woodcutting Acclimate is Fast Approaching! - RSorder

There you accepting it. You can accepting a complete accouterments or mix and bender what items best accouterment your playstyle. You should assay the time to do the Old School RuneScape 2023 Pride Draft as it rewards you with the Rainbow jumper, which is a mild accouterment ceremony too!

Woodcutting. Applause it or abhorrence it, it is one of the easiest abilities to get to affiliated 99 due to the complete mix of affordability and the affluence of leveling it whilst AFK. What to Apprehend in the New RuneScape Woodcutting Update

It makes adeptness again that Jagex has larboard it abundantly afire over the years with alone a few amore of action updates such as Ivy. This has been a affiliated time advancing and afterwards ceremony through the rebalance work, I am actually adored with the changes. 

That is all about to change though, as Jagex is implementing a abounding Woodcutting acclimate advancing June 19, 2023! Accrue ceremony to accession out what to apprehend ashamed the cheap Runescape gold new Woodcutting acclimate goes breathing in RuneScape!

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