New World: Players are banning each other to win the war from AnneBullock's blog

Some unscrupulous companies are using reports at will to ban the enemy for 24 hours.

In New World, a competitive MMO, this exists as a mature system. But recently it seems that it is undergoing a very vicious outbreak. After the combination of winner-take-all rewards and a very restricted participant list, the target of the aggressive wave of false New World Coins Buy reports has become very obvious. Some new world players have discovered that they can report to ban enemies for 24 hours.

New World players said they were banned for no reason, and a large part of their guild members were banned before the war began.

Some players stated on social media that their guild has a total of 100 people, and 50 of them have been banned. They called for the problem that players can submit reports at will be fixed as soon as possible, because reports are flooding. Some players used the report to ban the strongest players from the opponent's guild so that they could not participate in the war. Many people complained on Reddit about New World’s automatic ban.

The other moderators of the New World forum insist that real people review each report. It has caused a lot of confusion in the community, because more and more evidence shows that certain 24-hour bans are implemented automatically, rather than through careful Buy New World Coins review of real people. There was even a very careful player who enumerated a list of some favorable evidence, including related forum topics and posts on social media.

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