The old Buy RS3 Gold yard that was my favorite is gone from Wuyahong's blog

Bossing with friends is a OSRS Items thing - this was the way people used to spend their time before they went to graves. You can be as bossy as you want, but remember that if you fail to bless, you only have the blame. I hope this is completely explained.

The PKing group in RuneScape used to be an acceptable group of players back when the old wilderness existed. First, we asked "dm?" Prior to attacking someone We asked "dm?" before we fought or fought anyone. We wanted to make sure they were available and have a fun, clean, fair fight.

Some people actually dm'ed. There are a lot of instances where I've asked RuneScape players "dm?" I'll ask someone "dm" to get a reply of "sure" or "yes" and they'll go to the bank in just a few minutes.

We also put our top accounts against one another, and our main accounts. The statistics were balanced, making it more enjoyable. Now we have pures that are completely unbalanced. This makes PKing less fun.

Is it me or has the PKing community lost its integrity in recent several years? This is just a handful off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are more. Do you think that integrity will be restored when the old wilderness comes back? Or are you just a fan of RuneScape's playground to get annoyed?

Many people may not consider all the items, besides just items that have changed since 2007. One thing that occurred to me was that in 2007 I think we had a very small screen, which meant that the view area was not as large. It was always necessary to adjust the camera. Players can now see others without worrying about the camera.

Wilderness wall. Dropped objects can be seen instantly. It is simply the way technology has advanced. Internet connections are faster and better. While YouTube was not as popular in the beginning, it has grown exponentially since then. A lot of people attempt to create videos to "compete". Duel arena is now free to play. Is it possible to keep this up with stakes back?

The old Buy RS3 Gold yard that was my favorite is gone. It's a wonderful place to be. Are there any new players that are aware of the battlegrounds from the past? Dark castle was empty. I had a larger list but it is now empty. There are many others who may have things as well to add.

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