Three of the game's playable classes have also been revealed from DonnaStella's blog

All these differences mean there is plenty of room for a Paladin in Diablo 4. It could combine the Barbarian's effectiveness at surviving swarms Diablo IV Gold  of enemies, the Sorceress' ability to control enemies, and the Druid's effective melee magic with auras meant to support and protect allies. It seems that no class has healing abilities yet, so perhaps Blizzard could give the Paladin a strong option to lean into a supportive tank role, filling in an open niche.

A second Strength based class would also pair well with the Barbarian and the two Intelligence based classes. With a Paladin in the roster, Blizzard could round out the starting classes with a ranged Dexterity class like the Amazon. On top of all these mechanical considerations, it would fulfill a classic role in the Diablo series -- it only makes sense that a sacred warrior would step forward to join the battle against Lilith. Hopefully, it won't be long before Blizzard reveals the last two starting classes, and for fans of unstoppable tanks and front-line protectors, the Paladin would be a good choice.

It's been over six months since Diablo 4 was officially announced, and speculation is running high for Blizzard's next action-RPG. While there hasn't been much info released so far, there are plenty of classic features that are sure to return in Diablo 4. Procedurally generated dungeons and loot-focused character building have been confirmed, as well as new open-world and player vs. player systems.

Three of the game's playable classes have also been revealed: the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid. These have all appeared in the series before, with the Barbarian having featured in every Diablo game to date. One character who hasn't been as prominent, yet could be very interesting to see in Diablo 4, is the Amazon. With a unique fighting style and warrior-caste lore Diablo 4 buy Gold , here's why we think the Amazon should make a return in Blizzard's next title.

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