At present, many farmers have to take some measures to prevent pests and diseases when planting crops, so as to prevent pests and diseases. There are also many details that need to be paid attention to when using greenhouse insect screens. Among them, there are four main points that need special attention. Next, I will give you a specific introduction.To get more news about Dragon Fruit Protection Insect Net Bag Acting, you can visit official website.

1. Matters needing attention

Choosing a suitable insect screen for greenhouses: first consider the mesh, color and width of the gauze. If the number of meshes is too small and the size of the mesh is too large, there will be no suitable pest control effect; and if the number of meshes is too large and the mesh is too small, it can prevent insects, but the ventilation is not good, resulting in too high temperature and covering. Too much shade is not conducive to crop growth; generally use 22-24 mesh insect-proof net. Compared with summer, in spring and autumn, the temperature is lower and the light is weaker. White insect nets should be used; in summer, black or silver-gray insect nets should be used in order to take into account the shading and cooling; in areas where aphids and virus diseases are serious, silver-gray should be selected Insect nets to avoid aphids and prevent virus diseases.

2. Pre-treatment before coverage

The soil should be disinfected and chemically weeded before the greenhouse insect screen is covered. The bacteria and pests remaining in the soil need to be killed before the insect screen is covered. This is the key link to ensure the effect of the insect screen.
3. Coverage quality

The anti-insect net should be completely enclosed and covered, and the vicinity should be sealed with soil and firmly fixed with a laminated wire; the entrance and exit door needs to be equipped with an anti-insect net, which should be closed immediately when entering and exiting. The small arch shed is covered with insect-proof net for cultivation. The height of the shed is higher than the crop to prevent vegetable leaves from sticking to the insect-proof net, preventing pests from eating outside the net or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves; one of the insect-proof nets and films used to close the air outlet There should be no gaps between them, so as not to leave access to pests; check and repair the holes and gaps in the plastic insect-proof net at any time.

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