Slope Game is a simple-to-play running game with dizzying speeds from stephen's blog

Slope game is a new arcade game that challenges you to roll down the slope for as long as possible without going off the edge or striking any obstacles. As you slide down on the never-ending terrain, prepare for a significant speed increase.


You take control of a small green ball that will fly along an endless slope. At the start, your speed will be low, but the more levels you fly, the faster the ball will roll! The difficulty of the game is added by various obstacles that will meet on your way. These can be narrow tunnels, moving obstacles, narrow paths, and deep pits on the sides of the levels. If you touch even one obstacle, the game is over! You will receive 1 point for each completed section. Y8 came up with an interesting kind of competition in Slope - the Leaderboard. It's updated every day. Due to the leaderboard, some players call the game Slope Unblocked IO, emphasizing its online capabilities. Collect as many points as possible and you will be on the leaderboard of the current day!

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The Wall

Nov 28 '22
This is a great idea, it will definitely be shared widely, thanks for sharing it with us
patrick rall
Jan 5
Thank you for sharing this content, thank you very much! you for sharing this content, thank you very much! ht...See more
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By stephen
Added Sep 28 '21


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