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It has been 15 years since the WOW Classic Gold For Sale release of World of Warcraft until today, and it can be said to be a long time ago. This can be said to be the first time World of Warcraft has changed its character creation interface. Prior to this, for example, despite the addition of new playable races, occupations, and a large number of custom appearance expansion methods, the entire process has not changed much. However, many players do not like this change very much.
Just yesterday, the Shadowlands expansion closed Alpha test client was updated to add some new features, including changes in the way characters are created. The biggest difference is how to present all the content in a more concise way. Now, the right side of the screen no longer displays tribal competitions, and the left side is no longer a race choice. The advantage of this is that players can view Allied Races without having to view other menus. It ’s nice to have all the different game options on one page, there ’s nothing in the entire rework that does n’t reveal minimalism, and the new menu looks blank.
The customization options have also undergone an overall change. Now players do not have to scroll through the panel of each option they see, but can adjust it in every part of the body, but it feels like there is a feeling of lack of soul.
I am not the only one who is crazy about the new look. In World of Warcraft's review, user freeflame18 stated that the new look lacked a lot of soul and made some photo shopping in order to restore some visual elements from the original character creation screen.
Perhaps this is not important, character creation is only a process, and more importantly, is this game bringing you happiness. Even if this version has not changed during the alpha and beta testing, and eventually becomes the version that is provided with the WOW Classic Gold Shadowlands extended version this summer, it ’s no big deal. In this regard, what do you think of the redesign of cinder?

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By Cucclvince
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