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What is the foremost Honkai: Star Rail Accounts Pela build? Pela is Belobog’s cool-headed Silvermane Intelligence Officer, whose calm demeanor belies an immensely tactical mind – the level of mind that you’ll want working for you and ready to help target and shred enemy defenses. Pela walks the Path of Nihility, becoming both a helpful debuffer plus a solid supply of ice-focused damage if you possibly could spend the time to make her well.

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

While only inside the four-star category, Pela still finds herself inside the upper echelons of the Honkai Star Rail tier list as a result of her high-value kit. You’ll wish to put the most beneficial foot forward in a committal with a Pela addition on your own Honkai Star Rail team comp, so grabbing extra pulls on her by farming free Stellar Jade and redeeming a lot more from our up-to-date listing of Honkai Star Rail codes is going to be vital.

Pela’s build utilizes her strength to be a supporting character. Pair her with equipment that amplifies the precious defense debuff from her ultimate, and pinpoint the effect hit rate statistic whilst utilizing her skill, Frostbite, to dispel enemy buffs.

Whether it’s a boss seeking to boost a unique attack, or one on the annoying, self-reviving Mara-struck on Xianzhou, Pela’s utility is the foremost answer to your multitude of problems. Her ice damage is a few things to be scoffed at either, though only one time you’ve spent the time to create up her Traces and found some Eidolons that amplify her ice defense reduction capabilities.

Pela light cones

There are a fantastic few available options to Pela with regards to the honkai star rail account Light Cones, though the ideal choices going for being ones that accentuate her damage output specifically against debuffed foes. Either In the Name in the World or Good Night and Sleep Well are optimal alternatives for Pela, but you’re susceptible to relying on gacha luck to have either of those. Easier options include We Will Meet Again provided by level 30 within the current battle pass for some additional damage, or likewise from Hidden Shadow, albeit more situational.

It’s worth mentioning that team comp is effective if you’re running the most beneficial builds for every character – particularly Gepard, who requires the shield sustain to maintain everyone alive through lengthy battles. If you’re a little bit short on equipment, we recommend swapping Silver Wolf out for Natasha or Bailu in the interim to grant you that additional support.

That’s it for the best Pela build. She’s certainly one of the best Honkai Star Rail characters available from the anime game, slotting into virtually any team comp looking for some prime debuffs. Our Honkai Star Rail review dips into our time adventuring around Pela’s home turf, so you'll want to have a read while you’re wishing on banners to make out your team.

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