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It seems that Genshin Impact is already in place and some new characters are preparing, and we now have some understanding of some interesting details of one of the characters.

Genshin Impact has had many major updates in the past year. The most notable of these is the update of the Inazuma. Through this update, a brand new area and a large number of new Genshin Impact Accounts characters have been added to the game. After that, we got some information about the 2.2 update. Two new islands, Watatsumi and Serai, and three new characters will be added to the update. At the same time, there are many anniversary events that many players are looking forward to.

If you are a player who likes to follow the latest developments or news of Genshin Impact, you must know what the leakers told us recently. Because miHoYo is very strict in dealing with leaks, and they also started to crack down on leakers. Its developers previously sued the Chinese video site Bilibili in order to obtain information about the leaker. So, in the end, almost all Genshin Impact leakers left Twitter.

However, before they left, they still left a parting gift for fans and friends. A very famous leaker player shared a blurry photo of Yunjin, a new character who is about to appear in the game. Previously rendered pictures of her were also shared by players, and this new picture that appeared may hint at the fact that we will eventually see her in the game.

One of the more interesting things is that the previous rendering shows that Yunjin is a Geo vision, but now it seems to be replaced by an Anemo. Therefore, some players are disappointed with this situation, but we have to understand that this is just a leaked image at the pre-release stage, so any content is still unknown. She may change or not release at all. Before all this is confirmed, we only need to maintain a certain expectation and wait-and-see attitude.

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