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With the Voidstones you may increase the higher level of your maps within the Atlas. There are four different Voidstones in Path of Exile, which you can get in individual boss fights.

At the actual bottom center of your atlas, you’ll locate a place with four empty sockets. If you don’t go to whichever pedestals yet, it’s because you haven’t unlocked them yet. The sockets are only going to appear once you've received the 1st void stone. You can squeeze four different void stones into these sockets once you get them.


Voidstones let you upgrade your maps to four levels per void stone. So when you have one void stone socketed, all maps are level four, should you have two void stones socketed, they're level eight, etc.

How to attain the bosses in POE Currency

The first 2 Voidstones, those for defeating the Searing Exarch plus the Eater of Worlds, you’ll get “automatically” when you push your Atlas far enough.

Once you play level three maps, Envoy may ultimately appear on a roadmap. Its appearance will automatically unlock symbols on the map device. The first encounter provides you with an icon for that Maven, along with the next two encounters offering you icons for your Exarch along with the Eater of Worlds. When you place a roadmap in your device, then activate one of the three symbols, and open the map, you take part in the map consuming the respective boss.

To reach the Exarch and also the Eater of Worlds, you only have to finish maps intoxicated by these bosses. In doing so, the experience will require you to complete higher greater levels of maps. Before you get right to the two endgame bosses, however, you need to defeat various sub-bosses, like the “Infinite Hunger”.You get to these through invitations dropped by ordinary map bosses. Which step you have to take next is additionally shown on the right side in poe currency.

In addition, the same three symbols as inside your map device are displayed inside atlas higher than the sockets for the void stones. There you may check what number of maps you still should run to have an invitation to the boss.

How to arrive at the Maven

Just such an Exarch or even the Eater of Worlds, you will need to first run maps within the Maven’s influence and defeat the map boss. This boss will likely be “collected” because of the Maven. Once you’ve defeated three bosses by doing this, you’ll have a Maven Invitation through which you’ll face seventy-one bosses at a time. Once you’ve done that, it continues inside the same way, the good news is with four map bosses, then five, and many others, before, you’re fighting ten bosses at the same time.

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