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Duotrigordle is a word puzzle game in which players must guess 32 words in 37 seconds or less. The game is based on Wordle, a popular online puzzle game, but instead of one board, there are 32.

How to Play the Game Duotrigordle

The game is available for free online. There is a daily puzzle in the game that can only be performed once every day. The player must enter a word into the input field and then press enter. The game will then provide feedback on the word in the form of colored squares:

• A green square indicates that the letter is correctly positioned in the word and throughout all 32 boards.

• In some boards, a yellow square indicates that the letter is in the word but not in the correct position.

• A gray square indicates that the letter is not in the word on any of the boards.

The player must use this feedback to correctly guess 32 words in 37 attempts or less. If the player correctly answers all 32 words, they will see a message that says "You got it!" as well as a series of emojis that they can copy and share with others. If the player runs out of attempts, they will see a notification with the words "Sorry, you didn't get it."

Some Duotrigordle Game Tips 

• Think about common words: The game employs words connected to diverse things, such as animals, colors, fruits, and so on. The player should try out frequent terms that fit the length and format of the puzzle.

• Use the process of elimination: Because the game provides feedback on each letter in each board, the player should use this knowledge to delete letters that are not in any word or are not in the correct location. The player should also keep track of the letters they've already used and try not to use them again.

• Use logic and deduction: The game has some rules and patterns that the player can use to narrow down the choices. For instance, if a letter is green across all boards, it must be right. In some boards, if a letter is yellow, it must be switched or moved to the correct spot. If a letter appears gray across all boards, it cannot be utilized in any word.

• Have fun and don't give up: The game is intended to be enjoyable and difficult, rather than frustrating or stressful. The process of guessing and learning new words should be enjoyable for the player. If the player does not get it on the first try, they should not give up because they may always try again the next day.

Some Games That Are Similar to Duotrigordle

If you like Duotrigordle Game, you might also love the following games:

• Wordle: This is the original game that sparked the idea for Duotrigordle. It is a word-guessing game in which any five-letter word from the English language is used. The game has a simple UI and a minimalist style.

• Quordle: This is a four-word guessing game in which four-letter terms relevant to various topics are used. The game includes a bright color scheme and a grid interface. 

• Octordle: This is an eight-word guessing game in which eight-letter words relevant to various topics are used. The game includes a bright color scheme and a grid interface. 

• Sedecordle: This is a 16-word guessing game in which 16-letter words linked to various topics are used. The game includes a bright color scheme and a grid interface.

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