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The Thought Process Behind Investing in FIFA 22
Investing in FIFA 22 entails greater risk, but it also entails greater profit. You'd be purchasing cards in large quantities and making investments based on the fluctuation in the value of those cards in FIFA 22 Coins. By investing in FIFA 22, you will be able to purchase rare Gold cards as well as high-rated cards that will be required for SBCs and objectives. For example, let's say there is a POTM SBC coming up. Cards with a rate of 87 will be good for the investment because they will generate approximately 3000 FUT 22 Coins for you per card. Of course, this will be subject to EA's transaction tax of five percent, which is levied against the card's seller.

As previously stated, there are some risks associated with investing in FIFA 22. As a result, the above formula assumes that the price of the invested card will rise, resulting in a profit for you; however, it also assumes that the price of the invested card will fall, resulting in you losing some of your hard-earned FIFA 22 FUT Coins. That's why it's recommended that you keep an eye on the market for specific cards and how they fluctuate for a while before making such a significant investment. Additionally, it's critical that you wait long enough for the card's value to increase in value. Acting on the spur of the moment would be detrimental to investment.

So, for example, let's say you want to make an investment in Thomas Muller of Bayern München, who has an 86-percent rating on FIFA. If you wait too long until the SBC is available with Muller on it, the price of the card will have already increased, and you would not be making any money if you purchased the card. As a result, it's critical to check the prices in FIFA 22 Coins PC to ensure that they haven't increased in the last few days and that they are still the same as they were previously. In that case, it would make sense to purchase the cards and make an investment in them.

Trading in FIFA 22
Trading, on the other hand, is a slightly different concept. It focuses on single trades on cards in FIFA22, with each trade aiming for a smaller profit each and every time. When compared to investing, the risk associated with FIFA Trading is significantly lower.
The average price at which you will bid on cards during the auction is known as the bid price. If your offer is accepted, you will place a bid on the cards and win the game. However, the BIN price (Buy It Now) is the bare minimum quick-buying price that you can put on a credit card and use to purchase the item on the spot. Naturally, the BIN prices are a little higher than the average Bidding price of the cards in question.

Profit margin is calculated by subtracting 5% from the sold price to account for taxation, and then subtracting that amount from the card's purchase price to arrive at your profit margin. Everything is crystal clear!

According to the formula, it is clear that the profit margin increases proportionally to the increase in the price of a playing card. Moreover, the more frequently you trade, the greater your profit will be (the second approach). For example, silver cards, which are used in a variety of settings, do not sell as quickly as gold cards because they are more expensive. As a result, investing in gold cards will allow you to trade more and make more money in FIFA 22.

Assume that a given card has a bid price of 710 Fut22 Coins and an average bid price of 960 Fut22 Coins, respectively. We anticipate that you will bid on that card at least three times at the price of 710 coins (the average bid) before leaving the table. And if you decide to sell the cards, the sold price will be the BIN price for that particular card, which you can find on FUTBIN's website. As a result, you'll earn approximately 250 FIFA22 coins from a single card. If you multiply it by ten, you'll get a total of 2.5K coins. As there is no cap on the number of trading cards that you can buy or sell in FIFA 22, you can trade as many as you need to earn enough coins to spend on that iconic star for your team, or even sell the coins and earn real money from them.

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