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  1. Classic Highlights Morocco Tour: This type of package typically covers the major highlights of Morocco, including cities like MarrakechFesCasablanca, and the Sahara Desert. It often includes guided tours, accommodations, transportation, and visits to popular attractions.

  2. Marrakech Desert Adventure Tour: If you want to experience the magic of the Sahara Desert, you can choose a tour package that focuses on desert activities. These packages usually include camel trekkingovernight stays in desert camps, visits to traditional Berber villages, and the opportunity to witness breathtaking sunsets and sunrises in the desert.

  3. Imperial Cities Tour: Morocco's imperial cities—Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, and Meknes—are rich in history and culture. An imperial cities tour package allows you to explore the unique charms and architectural wonders of these cities, often including guided tours, visits to historical sites, and accommodations.

  4. Atlas Mountains and Trekking Tour: Morocco's Atlas Mountains offer stunning landscapes and opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Trekking tour packages can take you on hiking adventures through mountain villages, valleys, and beautiful trails. They usually include experienced guides, accommodations in guesthouses or mountain lodges, and meals.

  5. Culinary and Cultural Morocco Tour: Morocco is famous for its delicious cuisine and vibrant culture. A culinary and cultural tour package can take you on a gastronomic journey, where you can explore local markets, learn to cook traditional Moroccan dishes, and experience cultural activities such as music, dance, and traditional ceremonies.

  6. Customized/Private Tours: If you have specific preferences or want a more personalized experience, many tour operators offer customized or private tours. You can work with the agency to tailor the itinerary, accommodations, activities, and duration of the tour according to your interests and needs.

When selecting a tour package to Morocco, make sure to consider the reputation of the tour operator, the inclusions and exclusions of the package, the level of comfort and accommodation provided, the duration of the tour, and any additional costs or fees. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations can help you choose a reliable and reputable tour operator for your Morocco adventure.

Why Visit Morocco?

  • Extremely warm, welcoming, and lovely people
  • Rich Culture
  • Spellbinding places to go in Morocco
  • Exquisite accommodation options
  • Exotic food, which is a great blend of various cultures
  • Bustling nightlife and an endless number of shopping avenues
  • Absolutely worth your time and money

Best Time To Visit Morocco

If you are wondering where to go in Morocco (Marrakech, Desert) and what is the best time to visit, here is the answer to that, anytime between March to May is a good time to visit this country if you want to travel and experience the real beauty of the Morocco tourist attractions.

10 Best Places To See in Morocco

Are you wondering where to go in Morocco on your upcoming vacation? And now that you know why and when to go, scroll through this dropdown of 10 best Morocco travel places so that you know where exactly you should head to for an unforgettable Morocco sightseeing experience!


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