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Path of Exile, as well as the ever-changing meta, means players must keep up so as to make their characters and build relevant. But despite several of the massive and game-changing updates introduced with each new League, some items, particularly certain POE Currency unique shields have somewhat stood the exam of time.


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Certain ones were buffed and some have found a whole new spot in the present Path of Exilemeta. It's still worth noting that for min-maxed builds, crafted rare shields might still be ideal (according to the build). Those trying to find specific mechanics or better accessibility will see some good uses of these following shields.

Those in search of a shield's intended purpose, which is to protect its wielder, will never find Prism Guardian wanting. It's a good tool for covering some poor resistances, specifically in builds that are still progressing or desire to remain in a manageable budget category.

As an additional benefit, players can toy around with all the mini Blood Magic quirk in the shield. It looks like it's designed for aura gems however a versatile choice for those seeking to make their spells more flammable.

Emperor's Vigilance

Anyone running Energy Shield rather than Life or maybe a good hybrid of both definitely will find this shield appealing. Emperor's Vigilance is one of the most optimal shields for builds revolving around Shield Crush, mostly because of the high degrees of protection.

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Moreover, an added Energy Shield value synergizes well which has a Divergent Shield crush since every 100 Energy Shield adds a crit multiplier towards the skill. So this shield is hitting two birds with one stone and it likewise looks great; no need for cosmetics.

Good old Lioneye's Remorse has seen better days, and even though it's not as special or as build-enabling as other shields, it is still a decent selection for those who need to have a quick tanky fix. The armor values it offers are just huge, followed by, piles on a great number of layers of injury mitigation.

The movement speed negative is very unfortunate but given the cheap path of exile currency's numerous movement skills, the time frame movement speed is negligible. In the hands of an efficient Gladiator build, this budget shield may go a long way.

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