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Certain spots are outdated when compared to the current FIFA 23 Coins trends in the world of football right now But that's FIFA and its overreliance upon the older players to help you. In all honesty this list of 20 best players that you can be currently signing or playing with on FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 comes with a brand new AcceleRATE system that lets players with certain statistics to boost their speed and acceleration. What kind of stats are we discussing? These include acceleration, strength and height. Tall athletes who measure at or above 173cm have a higher chance of developing speed than their shorter counterparts.

This guide will give you a an overview of the top players with long stretches in FIFA 23. The list below contains players with a variety of roles so you can easily form the perfect team of your own.

His passing capabilities are unsurpassed and his shooting skills are some of the best among all CMs. He's had the rating of at least 91 over the past six years, and that's saying something.

Although you can easily put him in a defensive position on the field but don't forget his assistance particularly alongside Haaland. However, you can expect a solid game regardless of the field, no matter if it's at the 6 yard line or the edge of the field, or even half way.

Though you could put him in an attacking position do not forget to consider his aid particularly alongside Haaland. But you can always expect an impressive performance regardless of the position, whether it's the six cheap FUT 23 Coins yard box, the field's edge, or at the halfway line.

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