A significant part of every good relationship is the sexual intimacy between partners. Sexual intimacy is a crucial aspect that involves open-ended communication. Problems in bed can often trigger root issues and vice-versa. Hence, these sexual problems require an immediate solution. 

Over the years, erectile dysfunction is becoming rampant as a wildfire. Medical research has come up with several solutions like Tadalafil, which have shown incredible results. However, the initial anxiety regarding ED can be very torturing. 

Must-Know Facts About ED

Before we get to the facts regarding ED, it is crucial to understand it is just a sexual health problem like any other health issue. Conversations regarding this topic have gained momentum like never before, but an individual’s free thought can be even more encouraging for others. 

ED May Occur To Anyone 

Erectile dysfunction is a result of poor blood flow to the penile region, and it has no connection with someone’s age. It can occur to anyone at any time of life.

Not All Drugs Cause Severe Allergies 

It is one of the lamest myths about erectile dysfunction—most of the generic drugs like sildenafil citrate 200 mgcause very mild side effects in the rarest situations. 

All ED Drugs Are Not The Same 

Considering two different ED drugs, the same can be very dangerous. Every drug comes with its dosage and guidelines. It's essential to acquaint yourself with the correct procedure before buying any specific drug.

A Prescription Makes It Easier 

A prescription can act as a compass for a lost person. These prescriptions are given after scrutinizing your health history and lifestyle. Several drugs like Levitra can only be purchased with a prescription in hand. 

ED Might Be A Beginning Of A Serious Health Issue

People often choose to have no sexual intercourse at all to avoid getting into confrontational talks. However, erectile dysfunction can often be a symbol of a more significant health concern. Not taking it to the doctor could pose severe threats in the future. 

There is a variety of options available for people experiencing erection issues. While the effectiveness of each tends to differ, given below are options with a much higher success rate at improving erections. 

Best Ways To Attain An Erection 

From drugs like tadalafil dosage 60 mgto vacuum pumps, numerous advances have been made to ensure that people do not give up to ED. 

Generic Drugs With Zero Side Effects 

Generic drugs for ED are proven ways of getting rid of it. These drugs come with guidelines, and a prescription is often mandatory to make the purchase. Some of the most popular options include the following.

  1. Cialis 60mg (Generic Tadalafil)

Tadalafil is sold under the brand name of Cialis and has been transforming sex life for ages. A single tablet can help in making the penis much more sensitive, especially the head portion. One can choose to consume it regularly or before getting intimate with their partner. The effects last for more than 30 hours. 

  1. Levitra (Generic Vardenafil)

Levitra is a cheap and effective option for people experiencing erection issues. It helps one last longer in bed by improving the blood flow to the penis. The vessels expand simultaneously, facilitating smooth blood flow. If the effects last for more than 8 hours, then it is better to seek expert suggestions.

  1. Sildenafil 150mg 

Sildenafil is magic for people who have a low sexual urge because of a decaying age. One can consume this tablet one hour before any sexual act to achieve desired results. Mild side effects like the stomach or head pain and vision blur can often accompany the erection. However, if the side effect is too hard to bear, it is better to seek medical intervention. 


For those who are not a fan of oral medication, injection meant for the penis can do the job. These injections are approved by the food and drug administration USA; there is a little chance of any mishappening. These result in an instant erection once they are used on the penis. Side Effects can range from a burning sensation to priapism. In the case of a Priaprism, it becomes necessary to seek medical help.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps meant for the penis work by the same principle. These devices resemble a plastic cylinder. The pump then instigates a blood flow response towards the penis, which helps in getting a quick erection. It is usually inserted on the penis, and a ring is placed alongside to maintain the erection. Side Effects can range from numbness in the region to weak ejections. One must ensure that the ring is removed after 30 minutes. 

Sex Therapy 

This is a brilliant option for people undergoing erectile dysfunction as a result of stress and anxiety in bed. Performance anxiety and depression can often impact the erection and an excellent option to consider is to go for sex therapy. One might be tempted to use just like Levitra but the root cause of the problem being depression can be better handled using a sex therapy. 


Erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more common these days. A hectic work schedule and stressed relationship can be the harbinger of an even more stressed sex life. Tablets of sildenafil 150mgwill be effective as long as you take proactive steps to fix the root cause of the problem. A healthy conversation and proper prescription is a key to ED to fix as soon as possible. 

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