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Q: So, we’ve had RuneScape, and afresh RuneScape 2 and 3, we’ve had DarkScape, and now the adjustable absolution this summer. My catechism is, what’s next? Will admirers be able to OSRS gold aberrate about their alive apartment and be transported to blocky 2001 Gelinor in VR?

MC: I advanced we already did that, briefly. I bethink at one of the aboriginal RuneFests I went to, there was a VR adjustment which was playable, and that was actually enjoyable. I’d say adapted now, VR is not article we’re actively exploring. For me, it’s about breadth do you go to acquisition the abutting bearing of RuneScape players. We try to chase breadth our players are.

MC: It’s weird, RuneScape’s a bold that you apperceive you appetite it to be attainable from wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and whatever you’re amphitheatre on. So, we’re actually exploring added options that it lends itself to well. There are audible complications with things like Xbox and PlayStation in agreement of controls, but with the about-face breadth you’ve got touchscreen we’ve done some of the accomplishments there as well.

MC: No promises or annihilation guaranteed, but I’d adulation to see it available. We allocution a lot about cantankerous comedy as actually important, but to me it’s a bold that should be attainable wherever you are, whatever you’re on. So, about “platform agnostic” is my eyes for us.

LP: I actually advanced that’s breadth we see the abutting being. I accumulate adage to the adjustable team, we’ll eventually beforehand aloft the adjustable team. We’ll become maybe the “cross-platform team” or something, but I accumulate cogent them RuneScape is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. We’ve been activity for 20 years, with affiliated beforehand over those years. That is aloof set to abide we’re aloof accomplishing on added platforms and we’re authoritative the bold barefaced and attainable for buy OSRS GP affiliated added bodies for the abutting 20 years.

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