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In this informative guide, we'll demonstrate how to get the most from an extremely lucrative class with this pick for the top Barbarian build in D2R Ladder Items Season 3.

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The Barbarian class is better known because of its unrivaled power with regard to elite hunting or sniping to locate unique components of Diablo 2, especially for a single player. With all the abilities at its disposal, this kind is a loot-farming monster, along with the right build, it might be even better.

So in this informative guide, we will break down our pick for the top Barbarian class built in Diablo 2 Resurrected for Ladder Season 3, the Berserk Barbarian, and review what makes it this type of powerful and resourceful class. We'll also check out the gear it requires, explain its weaknesses and strengths, plus much more.

Is The Barbarian A Good Class in D2R Ladder Season 3?

The Berserk class isn't any slouch with regards to damage and being able to withstand a substantial amount of punishment in tense situations, but where it sticks out is like a loot-manufacturing beast.

Taking benefit of the ideal loot tables of each and every unique creature hanging around, it excels at getting tons of gear and unique resources using its "Howl" and "Find Item" abilities, causing this to be the class to consider into battle if you wish to get some real treasures for the efforts.

As stated before, it's not a slouch, though; using the Berserk ability that deals magic harm to any enemy it hits and skills like Iron Skin which makes it tanky, it is a solid class to consider in heated battles.

However, it will fall short within the more intense boss battles and it is highly weapon dependent, so our build will concentrate on strengthening those weaknesses in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 3.

Best Diablo 2 Barbarian Build Season 3: Berserk Barbarian

Because the Barbarian class wouldn't benefit whatsoever from the new Sunder Charms implemented hanging around, our build concentrates on increasing its magic damage output in addition to beefing up its defenses, which makes it last longer around the field. With the Concentrate ability, we are able to boost our physical damage and attack strength with this chosen weapon, in addition to the Natural Resistance ability that grants rise to all resistances based on your level.

Blade Mastery and Increased Speed also provide us with passive damage and attack rate boosts, plus a faster run/walk speed, letting us position ourselves better around the field. To get more in-depth, below we've divided each skill and slot item; you will need to create the optimal Berserk Barbarian class.

Berserk Barbarian Skills in D2R Season 3

Which Mercenary To Use With Diablo 2 Berserk Barbarian Build

As with many builds in Diablo 2, the Mercenary of preference is the Act 2 Desert Mercenary, which may be hired from Greiz. Its Might Aura can weaken enemies safe from magic damage (our main supply of damage), and it is Jab ability can select off enemies that stray out of your line of sight.

The Mercenary ought to be equipped using the Insight Polearm because of its high mana regeneration that will help you with dealing out more attacks. As well as the Guillaume's Face helm and Treachery armor to enhance the Mercenary's damage while completely avoiding causes of Cold Damage.

As always, remember that until you have the minimum of equipment suggested in this informative guide, the Mercenary is tough to keep alive. To directly feed them a healing potion out of your belt, press shift + 1/2/3/4. Keep in mind that you are able to drag healing potions within the portrait. Additionally, the Mercenary obtains additional Resistances from antidote and thawing potions.

Any of the Mercenary NPCs in each Act may be used to restore your Mercenary when they do die away in combat. This does come with an escalating price having a maximum of 50,000 Gold, so take into consideration that when determining when the Mercenary is needed for the next battle.

Alternative Diablo 2 Barbarian Builds - Ladder Season 3

As with all of the builds in d2 resurrected items Ladder Season 3, there are several good alternatives available for players to understand more about and try out, but we recommend the Berserk Barbarian because of its all-around usefulness and loot benefits. Though should you choose to want to try another build, below is really a list of alternative Barbarian builds you are able to try courtesy of the fantastic Maxroll website.

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