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"I believe I'm a bit like the funnel when it comes to the 2K23 MT masses of people. I've built relationships with every larger person that plays our game. However, as a member of our group of players who really relies on the fact that I keep them up to date about what's happening," Singh said. "Our game is no longer just drop it and leave it. It's updated every six weeks and significant ones featuring new music, fresh features in the game New MyTeam cards, as well as new clothing accessories, and much more, every six weeks.

It's just so. So , as the front-line representative of it all, I have an enormous responsibility to connect with all our consumers the most effectively we can. ""I consider it an act of respect for those guys. The topic is something they'll definitely discuss within the locker rooms," Singh said. "Even even Klay claimed that he hasn't had a chance to play NBA2K prior to the Dreamcast however, the fact that Klay cares about his ratings as much as he does, I know that's not the case. I can see his tag for gamer, he plays it just often.

However, I also believe that in particular was extremely upset over the 88-point mark. What's amusing thing is? The team still had the second-highest grade. I think that's part of the problem of having a player who's leaps and bounds ahead of everybody so how do you deal with this? Steph since her debut in 2015 has made more than 10 times more three-pointers that anyone else on the field. So at some point isn't her score at least 10% better than everyone other players in the league? What do we do about that? I'm guessing he's broke that scale."

Singh also said that these ratings are something that players care about, which creates an atmosphere of excitement between players and fans. This is what led to Kevin Durant's recent rant about his overall rating, and how it's less than 99. "I'm sure you saw KD's tweet too," Singh said. "You are probably aware that Kevin and I Kevin are actually extremely close friends. Kevin is one of four NBA players that was inviting me at my wedding. We were messaging literally all night prior to the wedding, and later that rating climbed and then all of a sudden the guy was furious."

"Look, KD has been in the league for 14 years now, he gets the game. There's no reason to believe that KD is terribly upset about it, but I 2K23 MT Buy believe that he's trying to start a dialogue. But he doesn't need to as he's among the most popular athletes across the world. I think him joining that contest is a nod to the fact that he is a huge fan of the game and our friendship.

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