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Players of WoW Classic got the Burning Crusade expansion earlier this year, and they need new content after such a long time has passed. Recently, Blizzard has provided players with much-needed updates. Outland now has a new continent where players can experience several new endgame instances and 10 new levels of content.

According to the plan, the entire content of Burning Crusade Classic will also be released in different stages within a few months, just like WoW Classic was released two years ago. With the advent of the  WOW TBC Classic Gold update, players are making sufficient preparations to welcome the second phase of TBC Classic.

The content you can expect in the second phase of TBC Classic includes two new raids, new factions and open-world content.

First of all, Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern as two new raids will be introduced into the game in the second phase of TBC Classic. It’s worth noting that, in order for players to experience the same grind as in the early Burning Crusade 14 years ago, these raids will be undiminished when they are released to the Classic server, and the difficulty may be beyond your imagination.
Tempest Keep had a huge error when it was first released. Although the raid problem was later fixed, it is still notorious among the World of Warcraft players. The original version of Serpentshrine Cavern is also an almost impossible task for players because it is too difficult. Even for players with high skill levels and equipment quality, it is still a challenge of distance. When the second phase is officially launched, the first phase of the raid will be weakened, which is good news for those players and guilds who are still struggling in the first phase.

In addition, for those players who are familiar with modern World of Warcraft, the huge new area and a large number of new quests are nothing new, and these are usually added in the first update after the new expansion is released. In TBC Classic, the situation has changed, because the development team often makes few changes on the map. After the second phase starts, players can enjoy the open world content through the daily missions of the two new factions, Ogri’la and the Sha’tari Skyguard. You can also get the iconic Nether Ray mount by continuously increasing your reputation level, no matter which faction you are in, you can realize your dream. In the second stage of TBC Classic, you are definitely worth the time to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold earn a reputation for this mount, because Nether Ray is one of the rare and well-made mounts in TBC Classic.

Of course, if you prefer other mounts such as flying mounts, then you can spend WOW TBC Classic Gold to buy them. You need to prepare a lot of gold for this, because the skill training costs of epic flying mounts are not cheap. Fortunately, you can go to MMOWTS for help, where it provides players with the cheapest TBC Classic Gold, which helps players save time and money, and is trustworthy!

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