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Animal Crossing now celebrates the Obon Festival in Japan with two new seasonal items on the shelves. Eggplant ACNH Bells Beef and Cucumber Horse, which are new products for the Obon Festival in Japan, can be purchased for a limited time at Nook Shopping until August 16. By the way, if you need Animal Crossing Bells, you can go to MMOWTS to buy cheap/safe/fast/legal ACNH Bells. The more ACNH Bells you buy, the more discount you will get!

The new product is priced at 500 bells each, because the two will be rotated every day, so if you want to get both, you need to pay attention to the product. Open your NookPhone or the NookStop terminal of the Island Resident Service Building where you are, open the Nook shopping catalog, select special products, and go to the seasonal tab so that you can order products. You can also choose to order some other seasonal products. It should be noted that after August 14th, Hikoboshi and Orihime clothing will be Buy ACNH Bells removed from the store. Their current price is 2500 bells per set, and rodeo-style stretch jerseys will be available for sale before August 15th. It is 2000 bells.

In addition to the new Obon items added as part of the 1.11.0 update, some other new seasonal items are also introduced in this patch. You can win boba and marshmallows from Redd’s booth during the firework show held every Sunday evening in August. In addition, Nook Shopping will also provide moon cake boxes and other moon-viewing foods in September.

In addition to new seasonal items, Nintendo also released a new 1.11.1 Animal Crossing update. This patch mainly solves some of the problems that occurred in the game after the above 1.11.0 update, including the bug that caused the seasonal cloud to not appear as expected. Nintendo said that it will launch more "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" updates later this year.

In addition to the new 1.11.1 Animal Crossing update, Nintendo also has these new seasonal items. Some problems that occurred in the game after the 1.11.0 update have been resolved in this patch, such as seasonal cloud errors that did not appear as expected. In addition, later this year, Nintendo will launch more "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" updates.

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